Category: Cyber Law

Cybercrimes can be defined as: “Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation .of the victim or cause physical or mental harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (networks including but not limited to Chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and mobile phones. these types of crimes have become high-profile, particularly those surrounding hacking, infringement, unwarranted mass-surveillance, and child grooming. In this area the Firm has experience in structuring the deals, litigations and drafting agreements including:-

Our IT & Cyber Lawyers in Delhi are Expertise in:-

  • 1. International Software Licensing Agreements
  • 2. Outsourcing Agreements
  • 3. Confidentiality Agreements
  • 4. Technology Transfer Agreements
  • 5. Sale and Assignment Deeds
  • 6. Interconnection Agreements

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